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Back in the day, I would run a marathon a lot.

I made this sentence.
I wonder if this sentence is natural.
Should it be "marathons" because I ran a marathon "a lot"?
Is "would" correct or should it be "used to"?
Thanks for your help. :)
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    You are making a general statement; omit the article 'a' and use the plural.

    Back in the day, I would run marathons a lot.
    (As an aside: I wouldn't use 'a lot' this way. I might say, "I would run a lot of marathons.")


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    I asked my friend if he would like a meet up with me for dinner today (I asked him last night) and he said:

    I have marathon to run tomorrow.

    I wonder if the bold is idiomatic.


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    I agree with grassy that an article is required, and that it would usually be "a". Depending on the exact circumstances, "the" may be possible too.
    However, I would probably not omit "to run", although it wouldn't be wrong to do so.
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