run it down


Lisa breaks into a killer's apartment to get evidence that he killed his wife. But things go wrong — first the man shows up, and then the police, and they pull her in. Jeff, her boyfriend, calls Doyle, his friend, a detective, and tells him the story.
Doyle: Where'd they take Lisa?
Jeff: Precinct six. I sent somebody over with the bail money.
Doyle: Maybe you won't need it. I'll run it down, Jeff.
Rear Window, film

Does he mean he will tell the police at the precinct the whole story and they release Lisa anyway?
  • Packard

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    USA, English
    "Run it down" means make the necessary phone calls or visits to locate someone or something.

    The dictionary definition "to tell the whole story" sounds alien to me.


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    USA English
    run down: ;)
    • to strike and overturn, esp. with a vehicle:[~ + object + down]He accidentally ran the child down.[~ + down + object]He ran down the child.
    • to chase after and seize:[~ + down + object]to run down criminals.[~ + object + down]to run them down and catch them.
    • [~ + down + object]to read through quickly:He ran down the list of figures.
    • [no object]to cease operation;
      stop:The battery ran down in just a few hours.
    • to speak badly about (someone):[~ + down + object]always running down his friends.[~ + object + down]always running me down.
    • to search out;
      find:[~ + down + object]to run down some leads in the murder case.[~ + object + down]to run some leads down.
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