run out / run out of something / be out of something


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Now I am confused that somebody or something can be used as a subject in the following idioms.

1) Run out of
run out of something:
We were running out of food

2) Run out
run out:
The milk has run out.

3) be out of something
Somebody be out of something:
Would you mind going to the store? We're out of milk.

3-b) Something be out of something:
The official Olympic umbrella is out of stock.

My question is,
1) "Run out of something" can be used with Somebody as a subject?
2) "Run out" can be used with Something as a subject?

Meanwhile 3) "be out of something" can be used with either Somebody or Something as a subject?

PS: Example sentences are from Collins, Oxford, Free dictionaries, and the link below.
Vancouver’s Warm Welcome (Published 2010)


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