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Adolescent minds are so filled with the dullest and tiresome scraps of information that I have often wanted to run screaming from the school building.
(quotation from The Lion and the Lamb - Alphie)

I have a question, and I have looked it up in my dictionaries but in vain. What does "run screaming" means: "run and scream" or "run away to scream" or something else? I have not met "run + V-ing" yet, so I wonder if it has a particular meaning. Please help me. Thank you very much.
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    It means "run away (while) screaming."

    There are other examples, such as "fell shouting" or "clung trembling" where the two verbs together indicate simultaneous action.


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    It's often used a little bit figuratively. The idea is that you're so annoyed/scared/angry that you'll be forced to run away while screaming.

    By the way, that should be "most tiresome", not just "tiresome". Fanfiction is often not a good model for correct grammar.
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