run the Creeks up the creek

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I am currently in the process of translating a few pages of To Kill a Mockingbird into French. One of the expressions that I am stuck on is as follows:

If General Jackson hadn't run the Creeks up the creek

There is much discussion on forums about "up shit creek" but this is the physical action of actually chasing a group of people (the Creeks) up the creek (and therefore out of the region that they previously occupied).

If anyone can offer me any suggestions as to how to translate this from English to French I would greatly appreciate it :)
  • Marcus Agrippa

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    Français (Québec)
    I doubt you will find a translation that includes a similar play on word, if that's indeed what you are looking for.

    Marcus Agrippa

    Senior Member
    Français (Québec)
    I am not familiar witht that book, but could the meaning be literal and would a translation like pourchasser les Creeks le long du ruisseau do the trick?
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