runs an out [American football]


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'Through the second half, Baskett continues to catch A. J. Feeley's throws, and early in the fourth quarter my favorite player runs an out, catches the ball, and runs down the sideline eighty-nine yards for the second touchdown of his young career.'

from 'The Silver Linings Playbook' by Matthew Quick

What does 'runs an out' means in American football?
Please help. Thank you.
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    An out (route) is a offensive strategy that the receiver (person who catches ball from quarterback) will use. He just runs straight down the field toward the endzone, and then makes a sharp turn right or left, towards the nearest sidelines. It is hard to cover because the defender cannot anticipate the sharp turn, but if the receiver does catch the ball, eh can then run for a touchdown, or step out of bounds to avoid being tackled.
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