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    I'm preparing a birthday gift and need some help from you! Could you please translate this sentence for me into Russian?

    You are the best and I wish you all the best today, tomorrow and forever! Happy Birthday my darling!

    I would appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!
  2. rusita preciosa

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    Russian (Moscow)
    Here is the translation if the addressee is a man (fem. in parentheses):

    Ты самый лучший (самая лучшая). Я тебе желаю всего хорошего сегодня, завтра и всегда. С днём рождения, мой милый (моя милая).

    This is Russian.

    Ukrainian is a separate language, please post your question in the appropriate forum.
  3. tigera Member

    Thank you very much!!

    And yes I noticed there's a seperate forum for Ukrainian as well, I was too fast with posting ;-)

    Thank you again!

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