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I am working on a document that contains some Russian terms that will be read aloud by an Emcee at a public event.
I am trying to find assistance where I could get the phonetic spelling of the terms to assist the Emcee who will be reading the document.

Does anyone know how to pronouce the following terms (phonetic spelling?) or have any online source references that could assist in providing a written phonetic spelling of the terms below?


pas de bourrée suivi

Any assistance is very much appreciated.
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    1. The close (and traditional) approximation for the first word would be [prɐˈtʲæʐnəjə]. Still, some sidenotes are required.
    - the sound represented as [tʲ] is, in fact, most frequently pronounced as [tˢʲ], with a slight (and not noticeable for the most speakers) palatalized sibilant offglide.
    - the [əjə] ending is not exactly what it may seem; what is represented here as [j] is actually just a slight narrowing - which, though, makes the second schwa noticeably more frontal, - everything being very "unclear" in general. Also yes, the schwas are totally unrounded.
    2. [pʲɪrʲɪ'dvʲiʐnʲɪkʲɪ] - pretty easy one. The only sidenote required is that Russian [v] (and its palatalized pair [vʲ] as well) is noticeably different from the English [v]. The lower lip almost doesn't move backwards, like it does in English; the contact takes place between the upper teeth and the BACK part of the lower lip, - and the very contact is not so tight as in ENglish [v].
    Maybe this audio will help you more. :)
    As for the third phrase, it doesn't look very Russian to me. :)
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