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    I was wondering what are some Russian terms of endearment for a girl to call a guy?
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    Russian goes.

    1. Dear - дорогой. Used, same as ours, mostly in books/third person accounts, jokes. Or when formally addressing him - "You know, my dear, you are a jerk!"
    2. Милый - almost the same as "дорогой". Few people will use it in the real life. But from reading books and such one might get the impression it is awfully popular.
    3. Котик. (kitty) Not sure who use it, but from the anecdotal evidence, bimbos call their sugar daddies that.
    4. Лапа/лапусик (mostly used towards women but may be used to men. Nothing emasculating, as long as this comes from a loved one - lovers call each other whatever and it all sounds fine).
    5. Заяц (a hare/ a rabbit).
    6. All kind of hypocorisms.
    7. All kind of 1-st name modifications.
    8. A nickname known only to the couple.
    9 . Детка.
    10. Любимый (lit. "my beloved"; also - not sure it is used in real life).
    11. Пупсик. (sounds stupid to me though....)
    12. Бэби. (guess from where that one came....)
    13. Малыш.
    14. Сладкий / сладенький. (бр-р-р)
    15. Золотко / золотце (gold)
    16. Радость моя (used very much as #1). Joy of my life. "Знаешь, что, радость моя - я от тебя ухожу!" (you know what, joy of my life, I am leaving you!)


    What also works well, is using some "should be negative" words with diminutives' those work well.

    Чертик мой (you my lil' demon)
    Моя Зверюга/зверюжка (my animal)
    Ты мой старый хрен (you my old fart!)

    Also using some prominent facial or body feature:

    Ты мой носатик (you're my big nosed one!)
    Ты мой ушастик (my long-eared one!)
    Мой волосатик (my hairy one!)
    Мой толстячок (my lil' fatso!)

    Names of clumsy animals:

    Ты мой крокодильчик/бегемотик/ослик (you're my lil' crock/hippo/ass).
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