Russian words that are amusing to English speakers

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Zagga Dotchni

English - British
Immature post, but would like people to add to the list if they have noticed any other words.

смелый - smelly
хор - whore
Бог - bog
шаг - shag

шапка - reads 'w*nker' (British Engish)
сок - reads 'cock'

Also, some Russians find the English word 'pedestrian' amusing
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    What is the purpose of this? I thought this forum was supposed to address real language questions, and not immature posts like this one. I am sure there must be some other forum for this kind of stuff...
    But that's only my opinion.


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    сок - reads 'cock'
    c in "cok" is not pronounced like c in "cock"

    @bubulac: Well, my first reaction was to say “I’m entirely of your opinion”, but a couple of advertising blunders I know have made me change my mind. I mean when a foreign brand, which sounds completely neutral in a native language can mean something vulgar, comic, etc in the language of the country where the product is promoted. For example, I’m not sure that “dacia” car sales are as high as they could be if the car had another name :) Another example. Some ten years ago a product called “bledina” was advertised on the Russian TV. It’s very close to Russian блядина :arrow: блядь (which is vulgar). It was baby food. I remember a parody made by Nickolay Fomenko. He was dressed as a baby and cried: “Бледину хочу!!!» Soon after that that promotion video disappeared from the TV :)
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