Rutas de espejo instaladas como defensas

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    Could someone, please, help me translate the following: "..rutas de espejo instaladas como defensas", refering to PC work. Thanks in advance
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    Could you tell us where you found this phrase?

  3. lzarzalejo73

    lzarzalejo73 Senior Member

    Of course I can. It's in a book, a thriller, I'm translating, still unpublished, unfortunatelly (It can't yet as the translation is only less than halfway through). We'll see about that. We're in touch with some publishers, and although I think it's a hard job to publish a first work written by a Spanish author, translated by a humble, unqualified translator like me, in the British and/or the American market, we're gonna try, as it is an excellent book. Match my words.
    Now, your question probably had nothing to do with my answer, in other words I may not have answered your question. Just in case I'm gonna quote a stretch where those words show up: "He estado trabajando con cinco ordenadores a la vez. He roto más de veinte cortafuegos. He copiado más de diez claves y he fundido y burlado rutas de espejo instaladas como defensas. En definitiva, he entrado en archivos privados, estatales, empresas, fundaciones, colegios, universidades, agencias de viaje, bancos, etc.", alll of which, without knowing what I was talking about, I translated as " “I’ve been working with five PCs at a time. I’ve torn more than twenty firewalls. I’ve faked over ten passwords, and I’ve blown and slipped past mirror access providers installed as shields. To cut short, I’ve gone into private files, state files, company files, foundation, school, university, travel-agents, bank files,… " Probably not something to be proud of, ain't it? Thanks for your help.
  4. sosms Member

    ¿Rutas de espejo podría ser una traducción a su vez de "port mirroring"?

    It is talking about security, so: "[...]passwords, and I've dodged port mirroring defenses[...]"

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