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    I am not sure what "ryhtyköön" means in this conversation on a cartoon:

    Wife: Kyllä sinun täytyy mennä puhumaan pojalle! Minä olen niin huolissani mitä hänestä oikein tulee! ... Mutta hän valehtelee, huijaa ja ajaa vain omaa etuaan!
    Husband: Olen menettänyt jo toivoni... Ryhtyköön poliitikoksi kun kerran haluaa.

    Does he mean that he needs to start being a politician?
  2. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    No, it's more like a command: Ryhtyköön politiikoksi kun kerran haluaa = "Let him become a politician, if that's what he wants."
  3. Kirja Senior Member

    I find it necessary to note that "ryhtyköön" may perhaps have also a rude tone. For example in the phrase you gave: "Ryhtyköön poliitikoksi jos kerran haluaa". If you'd like to really capture all the subtleties (though it's not exactly possible as English and Finnish are so different), you could translate it: "Let him become a politician if we wants to, I don't care". The suffix "-köön" in this context gives the phrase the sense that the person saying it doesn't care what the other person does/says.

    Also "kerran" underlines this sense.

    P.S. A typical "I couldn't care less" -structure with all possible nuances would be like this:

    No ryhtyköön vaikka poliitikoksi jos kerran lystää.

    It's extremely careless and even arrogant. So, the elements are:

    - No (yes, it means literally "well", but in Finnish, you can use it to start a statement/phrase)
    - ryhtyköön (the verb ryhtyä = start, commence) with a suffix that has a declarative tone
    - vaikka (this word has several meanings, but in this case, it's part of the structure/phrase and shouldn't be questioned... :D I suggest that in this case, we shouldn't get stuck in translations :D)
    - jos kerran lystää (if that pleases him. But "lystätä" has an arrogant tone. "If that happens to please him" could also be a good translation)

    The meaning/message of this phrase (No ryhtyköön vaikka poliitikoksi jos kerran lystää.) is simply: "Let him become a politician if that pleases him so. I couldn't care less". But the elements I mentioned are one of the Finnish ways of saying it. But I would like to remind you that this phrase is a bit arrogant.

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