rythme de facturation

mascara snake

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I can't quite get at the right expression for this either, in the following terms and conditions of use for a specific type of mobile phone. Can anyone help?

SMS vers mobiles et fixes
Appels vers la messagerie vocale (par tranche de 10 minutes)
Détails des tarifs, cliquez ici
Rythme de facturation : par minute
Tarifs disponibles 24h/24, 7j/7
Tarifs Internationaux: à partir de 2 unités par minute
Simple et pas cher!
  • Keith Bradford

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    By rights, it should mean Frequency of billing but I can't see any company sending out a bill every minute, so it must mean unit of charging - i.e. you pay per minute of call (not per second or ten-second slot); it states later that the unit for international calls is 30 seconds (2 unités par minute).