Séptimo Juzgado de Garantiía (Chile)

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    Hola a todos:

    No veo definición de "Juzgado de Garantía" en ningún lado. ¿Alguien tiene idea? Pienso en usar "Seventh (Constitutional?) Court of Guarantees" pero no veo ejemplo en el Internet.

    Muchas gracias de antemano,

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    I am also looking for a translation.

    Here are some things I've found. I believe a Juzgado de Garantía is synonymous with Tribunal de Garantía. It seems to be different from a Tribunal de Letras. I saw on a Peruvian website Tribunal de Garantía translated as Civil Court and Tribunal de Letras translated as Penal Court. However, I feel like the Juzgado de Garantía deals with citizen's constitutional rights, and thus encompassas more than a Civil Court. For example, I have read that they address criminal issues and can intervene in criminal trials.

    Any thoughts?
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    Well, for that particular job, in the end we went with Court of Guarantee. As far as what type of Canadian or US court that would equate to, I'm not sure. The case concerned insider information used to win a bidding contest on a large government contract and was criminal, not civil, in nature. Hope this helps.

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    For future reference I found an article titled Committing to Justice: An Analysis of Criminal Law Reforms in Chile, by Lydia B. Tiede. (Wordreference won't allow me to post the URL). At the bottom of page 12, there is a section explaining the role of the Court of Guarantee in the Chilean legal system.
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    Hi, I'm also not finding anything for something similar: Séptimo Juzgado Especializado de Lima,

    seventh Specialised Court of Lima... NO! please someone put me right

    perhaps I'll be moderated to a new thread I just thought this fitted here and no time to read the rules sorry
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