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    I see this word all the time. What exactly does it mean? Google translates it as "should", but then that would mean that "să mergem înainte" doesn't mean "we go on", but "should go on"?.
    Thanks again!
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    Hi PK,

    Please consult the references in the forum's sticky, Dana Cojocaru's book on grammar in particular.

    Use as much as you can the on-line collection of Romanian dictionaries at dexonline.ro. If you search for "să" you'll get:

    " conj. I. (Ca semn al conjunctivului) Să fii cuminte. II. (Semn al conjunctivului și, în același timp, conjuncție subordonatoare) 1. (Introduce o propoziție subiectivă) E bine să pleci. 2. (Introduce o propoziție predicativă) Pare să fie un om cumsecade. 3. (Introduce o propoziție atributivă) Nu-i mândră să-mi fie dragă. 4. (Introduce o propoziție completivă directă sau indirectă) Puteam chiar să nu mai fiu acuma. 5. (Introduce o propoziție finală) A ieșit să-i întâmpine..."

    Choose a verb and follow its forms through conjugations - a very useful feature of the dictionaries on dexonline.ro.

    This is a very broad topic - Google is not quite right, is used to form the subjunctive (conjunctiv) in Romanian but it has also other roles/meanings as you've pointed out:

    Hai să mergem înainte -> Let's go ahead!
    - Ar fi bine să pleci acum -> It would be better for you to leave now [I could also translate "it would be better if you leave now"...]

    Search the forum and you'll find several other threads touching on this topic - this one is a good example. Since your thread is lacking focus it's prone to mushroom into an unwieldy discussion. I'll see where it takes us but be aware that we may have to close or split it later.

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    Similarly, if you are interested in 'să' translations, check this dictionary link:


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