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  1. kindlychung Member

    Al die lichtjes 's avonds laat op het Plein.

    's seems like something equivalent to 'at' or 'in' here, what does it stand for? It would be nice if someone can post a thread for an introduction to this kind of abbreviations.

  2. Jogou Member

    's is short for "des", so here old dutch would be "des avonds", meaning "in the evening" or "belonging to the evening". In fact, it is a remainder of grammatical cases we used to have in Dutch, very much like they still exist in German language.
  3. kindlychung Member

    's some times appears also in street names, for example, there is a street named 's-Gravendijkwal in Rotterdam, does it have the same meaning as you said?
  4. Jogou Member

    Yes, as far as I know.... by the way; " 's avonds" has an extra meaning as wel: the combination of 's and "s" at the end of "avond" means that the lights burn on the square very evening, not just this particular evening.
  5. Jogou Member

    the 's in 's Gravendijkwal is a genitive, meaning "belonging to". Here, the original word is " 's Gravendijk"; later, a "wal" was made which needed a name and was called after " 's Gravendijk". Thus, " 's Gravendijkwal" was created. The original " 's Gravendijk" would be "des Graven(s) dijk" meaning dijk belonging to the Graaf (dike that belongs to the Earl) It is similar to 's Hertogenbosch (or Den Bosch) meaning "bos belonging to the Hertog" (forrest that belongs to the Duke).

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