-s in the third person doubt on number

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In the following phrase seen in a book:

"We have developed a range of programs which help them"

Shouldn't be "helps" instead of "help"?

My rationale is that while "programs" is plural, "a range of" is as singular as "one range of", that's the same but more evident.

It would be different if it were:

"We have developed programs which help them."

In which case it's plural so there is no doubt about not adding the -s to the verb.
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    My interpretation of the book is that each of the programs help, in which case it is "programs" which is the subject, and not "range".

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    >> Shouldn't be "helps" instead of "help"?

    I think it's likely to be the programs which help and not the range. On that basis, I think your book is right.

    Whatever the technicalities here, "We have developed a range of programs which helps them" sounds strange. (Cross-posted and agreeing)
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