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    Can anyone help me out here, please?
    I need a Saami (Lapp) translation of the word 'rose' (noun i.e. the flower).
    Reason: it's part of the opening chapter of a doctorate thesis I am working on. That's not about linguistics or philology; it's part of an illustration,
    comparing a number of European (and one or two other world) languages.
    All across Europe I find this flower name derived from the same root (no pun intended!); from Portugal to the Ural Mountains,
    from the Arctic Circle to the Southern Mediterranean - even including several other Scandinavian languages.
    As the Uni I am submitting to is in Bergen (no, my thesis is not in Norwegian!) it would be most helpful indeed in this illustration to show some
    understanding of at least the existence of other Scandinavian languages, like Saami.
    The illustration is from Shakespeare: "That which we call a rose, by any other name ..." etc.

    Thanks - edwardtheconfessor
  2. kirahvi Senior Member

    There are nine different Sami languages. The largest of them is Northern Sami, with around 20.000 speakers. So which language are you interested in?

    According to a dictionary, in Northern Sami rose is ruvsu.
  3. edwardtheconfessor Senior Member

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    Thank you kirahvi. That is most helpful. So little is known and understood by many Western Europeans about Sami - perhaps because the Sami ('Lapps') are a stateless nation, and all most Brtis seem to know about this 'mythical' land is that Father Christmas (as we Brits call him) lives there!
    The most Northerly language is probably the most helpful from my point of view - illustrating indeed that the same word root obtains in Europe even North of the Arctic Circle.
    Many thanks again - edwardtheconfessor

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