"Saatler saatleri, dakikalar dakikaları kovalamış ve

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  1. Lalibei New Member

    Hello everybody,

    Could anyone help me understanding the following sentence taken from "Külkedisi", especially "Saatler saatleri, dakikalar dakikaları kovalamış ve...". I suppose it means something like "time was passing" (hours and minutes where passing and..."). Many thanks in advance.

    "Saatler saatleri, dakikalar dakikaları kovalamış ve Külkedisi saat tam on ikiyi vuracağı sırada evde olması gerektiğini hatırlamış."
  2. macrotis Senior Member

    Yes, it means time passed.

    Lit., hours chased hours, minutes chased minutes, and Külkedisi remembered she had to be home when the clock was just about to hit 12 o'clock.
  3. Lalibei New Member

    Thank you very much for your help Macrotis.

    Wish you a good day.


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