s'acharner pour

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Germany, German
Nous nous acharnons pour que les différences culturelles
soient saisies comme des opportunités d’enrichissement et non
comme des sources de conflits et d’exclusion.

What could acharner mean in this context? Suggestions very welcome! Thank you!
  • hunternet

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    France - French
    --> working hard to make... ?

    ("s'acharner" is stronger than "insister" --> to keep on doing sthg / to insist on)


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    Australia; English
    Also "to strive" ?

    For a literal translation of those first few words, I'd try something like "the goal towards which we are striving is that cultural differences be ..." though of course if you actually wanted to translate it into English you'd want something less wordy than that; you'd have to change around the sentence a bit.


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    UK English
    :thumbsup: ("strive hard" could work too)
    I would say 'strive' on its own is stronger than 'strive hard'. The whole idea of 'to strive' is that it is making a big effort, so if you have to add 'hard', it kind of devalues the striving. Maybe a bit like 'je t'aime' and 'je t'aime bien'.
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