"safe Christmas"


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Entirely anecdotal evidence (2 posts on the Italian-English forum and 3 business related holiday notes that I've received so far) suggests that, in addition to the usual "happy", "joyous", and "merry" winter celebrations that people normally wish upon each other, there is a mini-trend of wishing people a "safe Christmas/New Year/holiday of your choice." Is this a new formula (born, perhaps, out of our steady diet of scary headlines) or is it a traditional greeting that I've only just noticed?
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    I have heard "Have a Safe New Year," but I suppose that is mostly due to the amount of alcohol consumed on said date and the great potential for people of otherwise sound judgment to venture into their vehicles and hit the highways after having had one (or three, or a dozen) too many glasses of champagne.

    I've not heard it in direct reference to Christmas or other holiday, except perhaps for the 4th of July, when same alcohol consumption usually occurs.
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