Safe to/for use

  • Incorrect? No, not really. It's a form of "Safe for (your) use" or "Safe for use (as a cleaning product)." Etc.

    But "Safe to use" gets you right to the point. Having said that, in what context have you seen it? "Safe to use" by itself seems a little all-encompassing.
    The "your" is not required; it was just an illustration of the meaning.

    Here, I would say that "How to determine if a wood pallet is safe for use" means for use in general, for whatever normal pallet activity you want to use it for.

    I'm finding it hard to explain, but I would choose "safe for use" over "safe to use" here. It's a fine line, but I see "safe to use" being applied directly to something, such as an electric drill, while "safe to use" suggests "safe to use as a pallet for holding other things."

    As I said, I'm have trouble explaining. :) Maybe someone else has some ideas.