Safety at work/Riesgos laborales

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María Madrid

Spanish Spain
Hi all, I need a lot of terms related to this issue. I wonder if any of you can suggest a good glossary/dictionary. I understand these are expressions you use almost like an idiom an using different terms, even if understandable, might sound odd or just wrong. I'm including some of them, yet there are a lot more in my text. Thank you all for your any kind of suggestions! Saludos, :)

Riesgos laborales generales y específicos
Caída al mismo nivel
Caída a distinto nivel
Heridas y cortes
Contactos térmicos
Riesgo postural
Golpes por y contra objetos
Golpes y atropellos con carritos y transpaletas.
Atropellos con carretillas
Carga mental

  • María Madrid

    Spanish Spain
    Estupendo!!!! Mil gracias, me has salvado!! Éste último viene en todos los idiomas de la UE, y además, en línea y gratis. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Gracias por tu rapidez y eficacia. Saludos, :)


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    Italy, Italian
    As the link provided is not longer available... can anyone please post the answer within this forum thread instead of leaving it on an external source? Many thanks in advance :)
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