Said the priest to the choir boy

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    Hi everyone,

    I've read this in a movie script. Two old gangsters are talking to a young one, warning him that their night is going to be rough. At the end of the conversation, one of them comments and says : "Said the priest to the choir boy".

    I can't figure out what this means really, why he says this and what it refers to. It sounds like a proverb or a biblical reference but I can't find it anywhere.

    Should I translate it literally "Dit le prêtre à l'enfant de choeur" or is there an "official" translation in French taht somebody knows of ?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Flynnzane Senior Member

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  3. franc 91 Senior Member

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    It's a joke - they've been talking about matters that are obviously pas très catholiques - priests are only supposed to have very chaste things to say to innocent blond headed little choir boys n'est-ce pas? nudge, nudge wink, wink.
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    La nuit va être difficile comme dit le évêque à l'enfant de chœur. Référence grivoise aux accusations de pédophilie portées aux membres de l'église catholique . Sorry.
    Rough like rough sex, rough trade ;)
    Welcome to WRF Bopo!
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  5. Bopo New Member

    Thanks both of you ! I totally missed the allusion and thought it was more serious... Thanks again !
  6. pieanne

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    It's an interpretation of "said the spider to the fly"
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    There are many variants on this in BE: " the bishop said to the actress / the art mistress said to the gardener", etc.

    The second of these was coined by Beryl Reid on the BBC comedy show Educating Archie in the 1950s.

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