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Good evening!

Which is correct?
"the sail date is June 3rd" or " the sailing date is June 3rd" ?

I presume the second is correct but today I received an email from an American guy who used the first sentence so now I'm doubtful....

  • JamesM

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    Sailing date sounds normal to me - in fact, date of sailing sounds even better.
    There is a strong sense of AE about "sail date".
    Interesting. A search on on UK-only sites shows nearly twice as many entries for "date of sailing" than for "sail date", but four times as many for "sail date" than for "sailng date":

    4,330 "date of sailing"
    2,820 "sail date"
    746 "sailing date"

    On I got the following results:

    16,800 "date of sailing"
    1,430,000 (!!) "sail date"
    495,000 "sailing date"

    Perhaps "date of sailing" is distinctly British English?


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    UK English
    In Spain my Google page defaults to and they differ significantly to yours JM.

    Results 1 - 10 of about 16,500 for "date of sailing".
    Results 1 - 10 of about 104,000 for "sail date"
    Results 1 - 10 of about 500,000 for "sailing date"

    My results for sail date are less than a tenth of the results you quoted, making sailing date the most popular. :confused:


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    I'm very sorry. Thank you for double-checking the numbers. I must have made a mistake with my quotation marks on "sail date." I re-ran the search and got only 98,300 hits.

    It seemed odd to me at the time to have over a million hits. I should've re-checked it then. :)

    I agree - it looks like "sailing date" is much more popular than "sail date." I would still expect "sail date" on business paperwork, though.
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