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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by gyadha, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. gyadha Member

    Hi everybody!

    I can't understand what you mean by "sailing menu". It's one of the facilities offered by a special resort in Maldives. I have no context basically, it's just a list of services offered.

    Ho pensato a qualcosa tipo un "menu da consumare a bordo", ma non so se è corretto.

  2. Tegs

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    Hm, it would depend on the context. If the list of services also includes activities offered, then since it's a land-based resort, I would guess that this is just a strange way of saying they offer various sailing options (e.g. a day learning how to sail, half a day of learning, one lesson etc).

    I would only think it was related to food if, say, the context was a cruise and they were talking about various food menus, among which were Chinese menu, Italian menu, and sailing menu...
  3. gyadha Member

    Well it is included in a small "paragraph" named "destination dining". Honestly I really do not have any ideas.
  4. Tegs

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    Don't worry, it's weird even for English speakers! ;) I would hazard a guess that it's a martime-themed menu of food, since the context is destination dining. So not a menu da consumare a bordo, but maybe menu con tema marittimo?
  5. italtrav

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    Ciao Tegs

    Don't know about IE, but AE often uses "menu" to apply to any list of choices—even right here on my computer. I wouldn't find it strange if a resort listed, say, a variety of vessels for rent, sailing lessons, and related activities under the heading, "Sailing Menu."
  6. Tegs

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    Hi italtrav,

    If you read my earlier post you'll see that I already suggested that ;) But given that the context is "destination dining", I think it more likely that this is a food-related menu.
  7. gyadha Member

    Hi guys.

    What would you think is more suitable to something that can be offered in a destination dining? In the same paragraph they deal with "Dhonis", which are typical Maldivian boats, and in that context they refer to "sailing menus", that's why I thought it was something like "menu da consumare a bordo", but maybe I'm wrong.
    It's all a matter of interpreting the text.

    Thanks for helping.

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