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There is an article written by Gary Snyder, in which he writes “My companions were Yamao Sansei, artist and fellow worker from Suwa-no-se Island, Saka, also an island communard and spear fisherman...”

At the end of the article, an introduction to the author, Gary Snyder, says that “His deep interests in Asian traditions... and his friendship with the anarcho-nature poet Nanao Sakaki was also important.”

Are Saka and Sakaki the same person? And can you tell me how to write them in Japanese?

Link of the article: The Womb-Diamond Trail | Kyoto Journal
  • Flaminius

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    In fact Nanao Sakaki (ナナオサカキ) once lived in a small island, and fishing was part of his life there:

    This pretty much identifies Saka in your article as Nanako Sakaki. Looked at in a different way, your article must have mentioned Nanao in order to match the nickname with his full name.


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    Thanks for your help, Flaminius!
    Saka is mentioned four times in the middle part of the article, and Nanao Sakaki is mentioned only once by the author in the last sentence of the last paragraph.