sala de contingencia

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    Paraguayan Spanish
    I am working on a medical article translation from Spanish into English

    contingency room is ok for this?
    context:Todos estos pacientes estuvieron hospitalizados en la sala de observación de la Emergencia, habilitada durante la epidemia como sala de contingencia.
    context: all of these patients were hospitalized in an observation room of the ER unit, opened during a dengue epidemic as a contingency room...

    thanks for the help!
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  2. LVRBC Senior Member

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    I agree that contingency is the literal translation but the term contingency room is not used in the US. My guess from the context is that the closest applicable term would be "holding ward".
  3. k-in-sc

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    (la sala, la epidemia: the, not a(n))

    Or "temporary ward."
  4. sabroso nectar New Member

    Paraguayan Spanish

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