Sala de lo Contencioso-administrativo


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¿Una ayudita por ahí? ¿Cómo se diría "Sala de lo Contencioso-administrativo del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Castilla..?
Mi intento:
Sala of the administrative-contentious of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla...
  • Pisko

    I have just come accross the same question. I want to translate:


    My attempts would be:
    • Supreme Court (Public Sector Disputes Chamber)
    • Supreme Court (Chamber for Contentious Administrative Proceedings)
    • Supreme Court (Chamber for Administrative Disputes)
    I am unsure of the use of the word 'Administration'. Would this really be understood correctly in English?

    Can anyone shed any light on the matter? would be much appreciated.


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    I think I can find a solution for your question.
    the translation of "Sala" into english is not "chamber" but "division", so "Sala de lo Contecioso-Administrativo" would be "Contentious-Administrative Division"


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    These answers seem a bit confusing.
    Lower courts are usually of limited jurisdiction (ie, criminal courts, civil courts, military courts, juvenile courts, etc).
    High or supreme courts are courts of appeal, or "appellate" courts. They usually consist of two or more divisions.
    The divisions of a high court ARE called "chambers". High or Supreme courts usually have, at least, a Chamber of Criminal Law, a Chamber of Civil Law, and a Chamber of Administrative Litigation. The Spanish Supreme Court has 5 Chambers, one for each jurisdiction (civil, criminal, administrative, labor and military). They are sometimes referred to by numbers: for example, the chamber of criminal justice is often called "la Sala Segunda". So then una "Sala de lo Contencioso-administrativo" would be a Chamber for Administrative Litigation.


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    Yes indeed, Akitty, better late than never, though not for you!
    If we are looking for a term and come across a thread like this, it can be misleading to the unwary and frustrating to the demanding. I was probably not online at the time of your original question - wish I had been - but... I get a lot of help from this forum and so try to give someting back by "rounding out" inclonclusive threads if it is in my power to do so. I'm sure you did a good job anyway.
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