Salar سالار

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    Mandarin 國語
    撒刺兒 in ancient Chinese texts (e.g., 洗僕読撒刺兒 sipāh-sālār (or sipah-sālār) "commander of an army" 總兵)

    Iranian sālār (literally 'advanced in years', old, aged; head, leader, master, commander, general) roughly corresponds to the Chinese notion of "長老" (as in《西遊記》那金山寺長老叫做法明和尚:《天龍八部》丐幫執法長老白世鏡).
    how I should write my name in Chinese?
    Perhaps 萨拉尔 (as suggested by albert_laosong) is preferred in modern transliteration.
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