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There is no translation for the sentence (example) of the word "Salariat" => "Wage earner"
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    Thanks for this message (et merci Nanon aussi). I agree with Nanon that it is the state of being a wage earner rather than the wage earner him/herself. So, I've changed the translations to 'being a salaried worker' and 'being a wage earner'. Sentence translations aren't generally done at the same time as translating the terms for the dictionary, but as part of separate projects, so there is often a gap between the term and its translation appearing in the dictionary and the translation of the sentence appearing. In this case, as the French term cannot really be translated by a simple noun, I have translated the sentence to make it clearer how it works. These changes will appear next time the dictionary is updated.

    Quant au sens de 'l'ensemble de salariés', je ne peux pas le traduire, puisqu'il n'existe pas du côté français. C'est à @Lacuzon de décider si ou non on va l'ajouter.