Salpuido / Sarpullido

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    Me podrian decir como se dice salpuido en ingles. Se trata de vastantes "ronchitas" pequeñas que salen en la piel. No son como las ronchas normales, ya que estas son mas pequeñas y no son tan rojas e inflamadas.

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    muchas gracias.
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    I had a patient recently who complained of an itchy red area, but for whatever reason she did not seem to think that the word sarpullido was an appropriate description.
    Does sarpullido refer to a specific type of rash or skin change? For an itchy red area would there be a better word?
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    - Sarpullido: minor and temporary outbreak of a bunch of pimples or welts on the skin.
    - Rash: any skin eruption.

    It seems therefore that "rash" is more general than "sarpullido".

    As far as I've found:
    - Sarpullido = Miliaria or Sweat rash.
    - Rash = Erupción cutánea or Dermatitis. (However in colloquial language you would rarely say "Me ha salido una erupción cutánea / una dermatitis"; I think you would rather say "Me han salido unos granos / unas ronchas / una alergia / un sarpullido / etc." depending on the type of rash.)

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