Salty dog??

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Cristina Moreno

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Hello everybody :)
While watching TV, I came across this expression "I'm a salty dog". So what does it mean? :confused:
A girl said this when the bartender told her that the drink she ordered was too strong, but she took it anyways and said, "it's okay, I'm a salty dog!"
Any ideas?

(PS: I might have heard it wrong, but I don't think so... there must be at least another expression similar to this one in pronunciation)
  • tepatria

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    Canadian English
    There is a children's song about Candy Man, Salty Dog (Sharon,Lois and Bram sang it)- and I'm sure it has nothing to do with cocktails. Salts are sailors - I think a salty dog is a well seasoned sailor - rough and experienced.


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    USA - English
    There is a drink named a "Salty Dog". It is a variation on another drink called a "Greyhound", which is two parts grapefruit juice to one part gin. A Salty Dog is the same thing, but served in a glass with salt around the rim: one sips the drink through the salt. It is not considered a particularly strong drink. Could it be that she was speaking of the strong drink that someone else was going to drink, but then referred to the salty dog as the drink that she herself would have?
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