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I was watching a beer commercial, and in it, I heard the expression "salty whiskers"
I can't remember the exact sentence it was used in was something along the lines of "...He was an old seaman with salty whiskers..".
What does "salty" here exactly mean?

Thanks in advance!
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    From the WR dictionary for "salty" (did you try looking it up?)

    of the sea, sailing, or life at sea.
    (Of course, ocean water is literally salty.)


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    From what i can remember, there was an old man with that whiskers working on an old rundown boat on a beach and he was shirtless with furry barrel chest. He had a lot of wrinkles on his darkly tan face. And at one point, he was sipping on a beer while resting. That's pretty much all i can recall from what I vaguely remember.

    So i guess my question is :
    When you describe someone's whiskers as salty, what does it actually imply?
    So i take it that it doesn't imply any distinguishable characteristics appearance-wise, but just what kind of background the man who's wearing it is from?


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    I can think of three possible meanings - three things the commercial may be saying. I think number 3 is the most likely.

    1. An old person who has spent much time sailing on the ocean is called "an old salt".

    2. The term "salt and pepper" is used for the color of a beard which is a mix of grey (from age) hairs and normal black/brown hairs.

    3. At an ocean beach, waves crashing on the sand create a fine mist that blows over the beach. This mist includes plenty of ocean salt. So any man who spends hours on the beach will end up with salt in his whiskers, in his hair, and on his exposed skin. His whiskers will be literally "salty" (have salt in them).
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