saludo de cumpleaños

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  1. LisaJonas

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    How can I say "saludo" on the context of a birthday? is it greet?

    I want to say this: "¡Feliz cumpleaños! es pasado la medianoche asi que hoy es tu cumpleaños oficialmente, te saludo ahora por que hoy en la tarde viajaré y en la mañana estaré ocupada empacando"

    "Happy birthday! it's past midnight so today is officially your birthday, I greet ¿? you now because today at afternoon I'm traveling and in the morning I'm going to be bussy, packing my stuff"

    Is at the correct preposition for afternoon?

    thanks in advance
  2. Dario de Kansas

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    Kansas, USA
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    Happy birthday! It's past midnight so today it's officially your birthday. I'm wishing you a happy birthday now because this afternoon I'll be traveling and in the morning I'll be busy packing.
  3. dawsonator Member

    I will say happy birthday now, because this afteroon..... is how I would say it
  4. LisaJonas

    LisaJonas Senior Member

    aaah ok! both options sound very good, thanks so much!

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