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When registering online in one of a job agencies I came across a blank to be filled which was titled - "Salutation".

As far as I know salutation means greetings, so what does it mean in this context.

The blank is preceded by blanks where name is to be put, personal details, etc..

Thx for help!!
  • I think the agency wants to know how you want to be addressed; e.g., John or Bill. If it's for a job in America, they are assuming you will want to dispense with what may be the more normal formalities in other parts of the world, such as Mr. Sorensen, Miss Belvedere, or O Grand Panjandrum.
    Salutation can mean just your title (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Miss, Doctor, Rev) or your full form of address; i.e., title + <first name optional> + surname.

    In this case you probably want to choose the latter option.
    I would expect salutation to mean the entire text that would appear at the top of a letter (eg, Dear Mr Ponsonby) but that is a particular definition.

    If they have already provided blanks for your name - surname and forename - then the salutation blank is where you write Mr, Ms, Miss, etc. It's where, as CAMullen points out, I would write O Grand.
    Salutation is the name you prefer to be addressed by in a letter/email, i.e.:

    Title: Mr
    Forename(s): William John
    Surname: Smith
    Salutation: Bill

    The letter would obviously read "Dear Bill" as opposed to "Dear Mr. Smith," "Dear William," or "Dear Sir".
    True, panjandrum.

    I work in web design though and in this instance of online registration forms that is how the data entered into this field is automatically handled.

    Entering a full salutation such as "Dear Mrs. Jones" would force the computer to write "Dear Dear Mrs. Jones" if you see what I mean.