salute moms wild and wonderful


Every Mother's Day, we salute moms wild and wonderful.

For a start, why not wildly and wonderfully but wild and wonderful since they are suppposed to modify the verb salute?
Second, the following are my version; correct me if I am wrong.

Every Mother's Day, we pay respect/homage to our moms warmly/enthusiastically.
Every Mother's Day, we greet/honor moms fanatically.
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    It's probably just hallmark (or someone else promoting mother's day) trying to be cute about describing great mothers. Usually I think I'd be a little weired out if someone called my mom wild.


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    Every Mother's Day, we salute moms wild and wonderful.

    I'm curious, quietdandelion, in what context you saw these two words tied in with mothers. Not so much wonderful, of course...but wild? Hmmm...I find that curious and would like to know more.

    In a light-hearted type of setting, I could maybe see this. Also the alliteration between the words is great. It just rolls off the tongue. Was it in a written format that you saw it?

    Can you give us more information where you found this?


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