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“The bo’sun’s locker!” I said; and we carried the bag there. Inside the locker, we fastened the door, and I lighted a candle I had ready in my pocket. Then, among all the mucker of chain, chain-hooks, marlinspikes, serving-mallets, sampson-line, spun-yarn, good Stockholm-tar, and the like, the two of us started to pack the gold into a lot of little canvas bags that Miles and I had made ready for the job. We hurried like mad; for we stood to lose everything, if anyone found us locked in there, at that time of night.

The text come from a short story by William Hope Hogdson.
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    (...) can be made from 5/8" marine grade kernmantle braid rope. (The boat folks call it "Sampson line.")​
    Kernmantle braid rope construction involves loosely twisting fiber bundles to keep the rope flexible yet firm. These ropes have a tightly braided mantle or sheath that encompasses a twisted parallel Kern or center core.​
    Cuerda trenzada con núcleo​
    La carcasa trenzada se llama manto. El núcleo se compone de hilos retorcidos o no retorcidos. Para lograr finalmente una construcción de cable sin torsión, los elementos del núcleo deben girarse mitad por mitad "S" y "Z". El núcleo y la carcasa juntos proporcionan la resistencia a la rotura. Por lo general, de 2 a 24 mm de diámetro.​

    Dicho todo esto y en el contexto dado tal vez baste leer el original como cabo trenzado (¿o cabo trenzado para anclas?) -aunque en otro contexto tal vez pudiera leerse sin más como cuerda de escalada.