san se acabó / sanseacabó

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  1. pochitatexas Member

    Primeramente, ¿esta jerga se escribe "¡SAN SE ACABÓ!" o "¡SANSEACABÓ!"? Y para decir en inglés me parece que sería algo como "End of deal!" ¿verdad?
  2. ringolar Senior Member

    Spanish-Spain. Gallego-Galicia (Spain)
    " ¡(Y) sanseacabó!"

    It's an old-fashioned expression used when you want to put and end to an argument. Anyway, most people understand it (maybe not young people)

    Hope it helps !
  3. runnernet Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish- Spain
    End of deal! Correcto
  4. rajenjo Senior Member

    I think "period!" is more idiomatic (i.e. I said you're not allowed to go! Period! / ¡He dicho que no vas, y punto/y sanseacabó!).
  5. pachanga7 Senior Member

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    U.S. English
    And that's that!
  6. Oldy Nuts

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    Del DRAE:

    Captura de pantalla 2016-09-03 a las 20.17.57.png
  7. Gerardo Cid New Member

    Spanish - Mexico
    Ambas correctas.
    Otra posible traducción: all is over.
  8. Uruz Member

    Or full stop!

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