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I can't quite understand the meaning of the word "sanctuary" in the context as follows:
"It was rumoured that Hoarde had been offered his freedom by the new commandant; sanctuary for revealing the whereabouts of the all-important wireless."
Hoarde was the traitor who informed Japanese guards about the activity of resistance movement in Stanley internee camp in Hong-Kong, 1945.
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    Sanctuary is a place of safety and protection from the consequences of some action.
    From the OED:
    A church or other sacred place in which, by the law of the mediæval church, a fugitive from justice, or a debtor, was entitled to immunity from arrest. Hence, in wider sense, applied to any place in which by law or established custom a similar immunity is secured to fugitives.
    Clearly in this example there is no religious connotation, but the term sanctuary is often used in this way:
    Immunity from punishment and the ordinary operations of the law secured by taking refuge in a sanctuary
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