Sans pouvoir faire valoir aucune objection


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Hi everyone!!

I have given a try for this sentence but I am not satisfied at all! Any suggestions?

"Sans pouvoir faire valoir aucune objection ou exception, le garant paiera à première demande du bénéficiaire, formulée par lettre recommandée avec demande d'avis de réception, et sans qu'il soit besoin d'aucune autre formalité ou justification, le montant réclamé dans la limite de..."

"With no ability to raise any objection or exception, the guarantor will pay on first demand of the beneficiary, by registered letter with advice of receipt, and without need of any further formality or justification, the amount claimed for an amount of up to"
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    Maybe something along the lines of "Unless valid objections or exceptions are brought to bear....?"

    Perhaps someone could confirm my understanding / suggest a better term? Thank you.