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Hello, everybody! Please ser my question in the attached file.
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  • Hello Kobzar, always nice to see you've posted a new Sanskrit query.

    Hmm, is it possible to ask if you could please put your question in the attached file into the forum? Only, I don't mean to complain, but I am very hesitant about downloading attachments and I would advise others to be as well. Also, if you put the question in the forum itself we can easily quote it and copy and paste from it and all the rest and I think it makes for a better, more self-contained "experience" (as it were!)
    Thank you! OK, I am translating विष्णुपुराणम् (1, 3), and I have a problem with verse 4, which, according to the edition available on line at the GRETIL website, reads: उत्पन्नः प्रोच्यते विद्वन् नित्य एवोपचारतः I guess that एवोपचारतः must be read एव उपचारतः, and I cannot find उपचारतः (seemingly the nominative singular masculine of an adjective).
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Could also be an adverb in -tas, no?

    Hello Dib!

    Certainly you're quite right it could. What would you have in mind for that translation? I admit I rushed a little, early start this morning, and was guided by a translation. I just opened and closed the case! :p
    upacārataḥ ≈ upacārāt, "periphrastic ablative", Whitney, Grammar, § 1098.

    The GRETIL text:
    utpannaḥ procyate vidvan nitya evopacārataḥ // ViP_1,3.4 //

    I suggest something like:
    "O wise one, the truly eternal one is said, by figure of speech, to be created."

    Taylor 2021 is to the point in translating "by convention".
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