Sanskrit: परमात्मा


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I've recently heard that expression (paramatma) in a mantra by Deva Premal and my impression was she was pronouncing it more like "paramatama" (with an "a" or maybe just a shwa between t and m). I was wondering if this was the usual way you pronounce it or was it just due to keeping up with the melody?
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  • aatmaa should never be aatamaa. Here is the Sanskrit spelling.

    S آتما आत्मा ātmā, s.m.f. = S آتم आत्म ātma (used incomp. for ātmā)

    Anyone who says aatamaa, doesn't know Sanskrit well. It should be considered a corruption.
    If he was singing it, then it's the normal HU license to insert and kill schwas very liberally to suit the melody. Aatamaa could happen. So could baaGhabaan (merely another word that comes to mind right now). Both are incorrect in speech.