Sanskrit:पश्यामि बहुलान राजन वृक्षान उदक संश्रयान


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Hello All,

Can anyone please help me to translate it word by word

पश्यामि बहुलान राजन वृक्षान उदक संश्रयान
सारसानं ...........??

  • Dib

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    I see (पश्यामि), O King (राजन्‌), many (ब‌हुलान्‌) trees (वृक्षान्‌) associated to water (उदक-संश्रयान्‌), and (च) the noise (निर्ह्रादम्‌) of cranes (सारसानां, a kind of large waterbirds). Here (अत्र) is water (उदकम्‌) without doubt (असंशयम्‌).

    In other words,
    O king, I see many trees that grow close to waterbodies, and (hear) the noise of waterbirds. There is surely water here.