Sanskrit: प्रसुप्ताविव तौ दृष्टा नरसिंहः


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Hello All,

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प्रसुप्त means sleep. So can anyone tell me the word to word meaning?

Seeing that they are asleep, the 'Narsimha' -- the lion among men, extremely sad raised his bow, started looking in the forest......
Is it something like this?

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    Your translation is essentially correct, except I think it misses the nuance of the word इव. Just for the sake of the completeness, here is the verse rearranged into "prose order" (अन्वय) with the sandhis broken:

    नरसिंहः कौन्तेयः तौ प्रसुप्तौ इव दृष्ट्वा सुदुःखितः धनुः उद्यम्य तत् वनम् व्यलोकयत ।
    In English: Kaunteya, the lion among men, seeing those two (तौ) looking as if (इव) they were asleep (प्रसुप्तौ), was extremely sad etc. (the rest is as you translated it).

    Presumably, they are not actually asleep, but rather under the effect of the Yakṣa's spell---I believe this verse is taken from the Yakṣapraśna episode in the Mahābhārata?


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    Hello Panditammanya,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful reply. Yes, you are absolutely correct. This is taken from Yakshaprashna. I am creating a page where I could write with meaning, translation and transliteration, word by word about this wonderful discourse. Thank you very much.


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    To the excellent answer given by Panditammanya, may I add that while translating, we should probably render Kaunteya as the "son of Kuntī"?