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Hello, everybody,

I am translating a fragment of the विष्णुपुराणम् । ४ । २४ । १७, and there I have found a word, the meaning of which may be just guessed from the context, but which I cannot find in the dictionaries. The sentence, as I can read it in, is:

रत्नताम्रभागितैव पृथिवीहेतुः ।।

I guess we must separate रत्नताम्रभागोतेव into "रतनताम्रभागिता एव, where रत्नताम्रभागिता seems a compound of रत्न, ताम्र and भागिता. The point is that I cannot find भागिता in the dictionaries, nor can I figure out how it has been derived. I guess it is derived from the root of भग, "welfare," etc. Wilson translated that sentence as "Earth will be venerated but by its mineral treasures." But I would like to know which the ground for that translation is.

Thank you very much in advance for whatever help!
  • How about -bhāgin + -tā? All derivatives in -tā cannot be listed in a dictionary. For bhāgin, and √bhaj, see Whitney, Roots, p. 108.

    There is a also a new full translation of Viṣṇu Purāṇa. Itʼs public domain, published in 2021. By McComas Taylor.
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