Sanskrit विष्णुपुराणम् (1, 3, 12)


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Hello, everybody!

I have a doubt concerning a passage of the विष्णुपुराणम् (1, 3, 12), which, in the text available on line at the GRETIL website, reads:
चत्वारि त्रीणि द्वे चैकं कृतादिषु यथाक्रमम् |
दिव्याब्दानां सहस्राणि युगेष्वाहुः पुराविदः ||

My problem concerns the sequence यथाक्रमम्, which I think must be analyzed as यथा अक्रमम्, where अक्रमम् is the first person singular, secondary, active, of क्रम् = "to step, walk, go, go towards, approach, go across, go over, stretch over" (at least according to Monier-Williams). Then, my provisory translation is:

"Those who know the past have told how I went through four, three, two and one thousand divine years in the 'kritayugam' and the other periods".

It seems to me that this does not have too much sense, and, when I compare it with the translations by Wilson and Taylor, I see that they translate quite freely as if what those who know the past say is that the "krita" lasts four thousand divine years; the "treta," three...; the "dvapara," two, and the "kali," one. I do not see how to deduce this from my provisory translation as "I went through four...," etc. I wonder whether there are text variants in the manuscripts or the like.

Any help will be welcome. Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards.
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