Sanskrit: Sarvapapavyakaram kuçalosyôpasampradam


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I read an article that was written by a Greek writer in the 1890s. The article praises the Sanskrit language.
Here's a short excerpt he cites, but there's no translation of it. I'd be grateful, if anyone could translate it!

Sarvapapavyakaram kuçalosyôpasampradam
Svatchittaparidasmanam etad Buddhânuçasanam
  • Hmmmmm I'm not sure. I'd be grateful for other opinions but, I hate to say it, I think this may have been slightly corrupted. For example, a t is not allowable before a ch (as in svatchittaparidasmanam). This could be an artefact of an older or looser Romanisation (also for example sarvapapa... should almost certainly be sarvapāpa... in standard IAST but hey, I can write koine and not koinē or koiné or koinḗ if I want to keep things simple) but there are many examples of what looks like Sanskrit but isn't quite. I couldn't find many Google results for your version, even with conversion to IAST Romanisation and guesses at the original (e.g. sarvapāpa... for sarvapapa...) however I soon found this page:

    1. The teaching of the Piṭaka

    Which gives a much more common and "Sanskrit-looking" version, which you'll see may be a translation from an original Pali version?

    The Sanskrit stanza even gets its own page, although I wouldn't put too much stock in the experimental feature at the bottom

    Mahavastu Verse 108.8