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    Is it possible that Tamil pandu very old is a combination of Skr pandu white, pale and panda wisdom? Pandu's mother was fearful and her son was born pale. Maybe pana.du keeping. trembling and pana.da keeping. giving are the roots , linking semantics of "white hair" with "wisdom". Tamil pandu > Pandya kingdom during 2000 years which had a fish symbol on coins, flags and a temple named "Rule of Fish". Pandu of Pandavas battled Paundria who forgot that Visnu the giant fish-man saved Manu and the world in a flood. This suggests all 3 ideas.
    Pandya traded with SE Asia where Indonesian pandita< Skr pandita pundit. Other hints are in Indon. pandu guide as used in its national anthem, pandega employees on fishing boats and pandegan, view , opinion. Pandemon ship's compass is explained as follows:
    "Mookerji points out a compass on one of the ships in which Hindus of the early Christian era sailed out to colonize Java and other islands in the Indian ocean . The Hindu compass was an iron fish (called in Sanskrit matsya-yantra or fish machine). It floated in a vessel of oil and point to the north (History of Indian Shipping, London, 1912).

    The Hindus had already in use a magnetic compass known as Matsya Yantra for determining direction. The work "Merchants Treasure" written at Cairo by Baylak al Kiljaki mentions the magnetic needle as being in use in the Indian Ocean . The route that Fa- hien, the celebrated Chinese monk, took to return home after his stay in India (412-413) is fully described by him. Leaving Tramralipti, the Orissa port, he took fourteen days to reach Sri Lanka . From there he embarked for Java and called at Nicobars .." (compass. Wikipedia)
    This further adds to possible semantic shift in S India and Indonesia to the idea of Visnu as pandu "very old. wisdom. fish. guide", related to boats like Manu's boat to which Visnu was tied to represent preservation of life after the flood. Is this speculation valid?
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    I will try to give the root meanings,

    pan - added up with, more, plurality, two or more.
    paN - (undergone, faced, gone through) many/more : paNdaya=old, heritage.

    The long vowel has the opposite meaning of negation/unknown,
    paa= added up with cannot/unknown, so with the root meaning of wholeness, purity, cannot be splitted.

    paaNdiya - in this case has no clear etymology, but If you ask me, I will say it means uniform, may refer to the landmass that's same through out(plains), or about the place where everyone has equal respect/equality.
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