Santa Maria del Pi, y un torreon parecía / parecían

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Hi again,
I'm a bit confused here. Look:

Santa María del Pi, y un torreón a medio construir adosado a la iglesia en el que guardaban los zancos, parecía constituir el refugio del perro calvo y sus compinches, quienes los días feriados, después de corretear por Barcelona, acababan reuniéndose en aquella torre abandonada.

He is talking about 2 places - la iglesia y el torre - but uses parecía in the singular. How come?
Also, he goes on to talk only about the torre as their refuge - so why even mention the church at the beginning?
Can I say something like - the tower near the church seemed to be the refuge of the perro calvo and his friends, instead?
It's important to me because in Hebrew there's a difference between male/female objects, and a church is feminine a while a tower is masculine... so I have to be precise.

  • Elixabete

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    Two places that are one, the church and attached to it a half built tower , the tower is annexed to the church, so they both constitute one single joint construction and hiding place for these characters. The author focuses on the tower because they used to hide in the tower part rather than in the church part. Your solution is fine but instead of "near the church" I'd say "adjacent to the church", "adosado" means both buildings touch each other, share walls, and that's why they can be considered as much two independent buildings as a single one .
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